Black Blood of the Earth

Session 2

Essential Maintenance

The team spent most of the day Dec. 23rd organizing their various departments, familiarizing themselves with the facility, and getting themselves entrenched into their various departments. Hector Castel, after staying awake all night securing the facility from wild animals and conducting violent job interviews, fell asleep early and was out like a light for most of the evening.

After dinner, Aaron Brahm asked Alan Green, Dr. Jason Harrington, and Jen DeLhie to stay late in order to inform them that local law enforcement would be arriving to investigate Luke Lagrange’s untimely demise and to interrogate the captured bandits early on the subsequent morning. After their meeting with Brahm, the three stayed late in the office to discuss plans when they noticed electrical disturbances accompanying a strange hissing sound. Investigating the disturbance led them to the server room, in which lurked an unearthly apparition – the restless spirit of Luke Lagrange. By shutting down the power to the building, the three agents managed to temporarily banish Lagrange, with only DeLhie suffering more than superficial injuries.



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